About Me

WELCOME! Grab a chair, drink of choice, and your patience…I’ll try to be quick so you can get to the good stuff.

Who Am I?

My name is Jessica. Born and raised in the south where sweet tea runs in the veins and humidity is the devil. I’m a paralegal by day and a superhero to a hyper 4-year old by night. Who am I? Tired..that’s who..

Why Am I Doing This When There’s A Pile Of Dishes To Be Washed?

When I’m not playing with playdough with my son or cleaning while he’s occupied, I’m always searching for the best tips, tricks, and helpful hints to make myself look half put together.

YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are few of the many places I go to for answers to the millions of questions I have, whether it’s makeup, hairstyles, home cleaning tips, etc. I’ve spent hours upon hours going through thousands of articles and videos to find what I’m looking for. To save you time and effort, I’ll lend a hand 😉

I’ll find a new way to apply foundation to better suit my skin type or find a new hair product that saves me time and I want to share it all because let’s be honest..uncovering a time loop and saving myself a 10-minute step deserves a day long celebration. I don’t have time to stand at the bathroom counter, curling my hair for hours at a time or flicking my liquid eyeliner pen, praying to the sweet Lord that I can get enough juice out to finish this wing..

What Am I Getting At?

My goal and sole purpose is to help you with cutting out the middle man. I’ll be your guinea pig. I’ll test, compare, and review products so you’ll know firsthand if it’s a keeper or if it’s not worth it.

Also, I want this to be a little community of the “blind leading the blind”. I’ll provide tips and tricks and in return, I want you to let me know your tips and tricks. In a world full of hate, be the good someone needs. Even if it’s just a “girl, you got this!” Because Lord knows I don’t.. As I’m typing this, I just realized my laundry has been in the washer for 2 days now..

Go ahead and break the ice! Comment with a HI and let me know what are your main go-to products on a daily basis!

If you have a private questions that you don’t want others to see, shoot me an email and we’ll keep it confidential 😉


Happy Blogging! 🙂


Founder of Southern Lashes