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The first step to any face routine (both men and women) should consist of a clean face. New day—new face. Time to break out that cleanser and get to scrubbing.

If you don’t know which cleansers to use after figuring out what skin type you have, you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t know your skin type, click here to read my previous article to determine which skin type you’re working with.


Once you know your skin type, picking out a cleanser will be easier. Otherwise, you’re left on the aisle with hundreds of brands that performs different ways and you’re just starring into the abyss trying to decide if having clean skin is worth it…I’ve been there.


First of all, nice to meet you. I’ve never met a unicorn before. Secondly, why are you here?…OK, so maybe I’m a little jealous.
Although you’re obviously just here because you’re bored, Unicorns with perfect skin need to keep a routine regimen or else you’ll fall into one of the other categories like the rest of us…*evil laugh*…*clears throat*…back to the issue at hand.

To maintain your flawless looks (*eyes roll*), use a gentle cleanser. One that doesn’t strip too many natural oils and one that doesn’t have a thick moisturizer. Obviously, whatever you’re doing to keep your picture-perfect skin, keep doing it but to remove residue of the day/night, just use a gentle, all-natural cleanser. There are plenty of cleansers out there that cleans the pores out but keeps the moisture locked in. One of the perks to having “normal” skin is you can practically use any cleanser, if sensitivity isn’t a problem.

FOR ALL OF US OTHER DRY/OILY/ACNE – PRONED PARASITES, here’s a list below that breaks down which cleansers are best for specific skin types. Again, like with any new product, trial and error is going to be your new best friend, but you’ll find a cleanser that works best for you and it’ll be like your Cinderella glass slipper.


Gel – Oily/Combination skin types

  • – Deep cleaner
  • – Pore decongestants
  • – Removes excess oil
  • – Kills acne bacteria
  • – Has antiseptic & exfoliating properties
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Cream – Dry/Sensitive skin types

  • – Has moisturizing ingredients
  • – Gently cleanses and doesn’t strip too many natural oils

Foam – Oily/Combination skin types

  • – Lightweight
  • – Removes excess oils

Oil – Most skin types

  • – Gentle
  • – Removes waterproof makeup
  • – Doesn’t dry out skin

Clay – Oily/Combination

  • – Draws out excess oil
  • – Strips pores of toxins

Micellar – Dry/Sensitive

  • – Tiny oil molecules that attracts oil, dirt, and makeup
  • – No need to rinse, on-the-go

Powder – Oily/Sensitive

  • – Starts out dry then turns to cream when added with water
  • – Gentle, yet exfoliating
  • – A+ for sensitive skin

Bar cleansers – Oily/Combination

  • – Greener than liquid
  • – Glycerin and essential oils are natural moisturizers
  • – pH friendly

Cleansing Cloths/Mitts/Sponges – Oily/Combination

  • – Plant derived special fibers
  • – Exfoliates skin of oil, dirt, and dead skin

EXTRA Tip For Those With Oily Skin:

When it seems like you have so much oil that you could fry chicken in a skillet, just go ahead and tell your skin to “tone” its attitude.. See what I did there? Tone = Toner 😉

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Toner is great to give that extra little boost to clean and close those pores. At night, I always wash my face with my cleanser and warm water (twice if I have makeup on), splash with some cold water to close those bad baby pores up, and then I top it off with a cotton ball drenched in toner to seal the deal. Come morning, I wash my face once with my cleanser and warm water, splash with cold water, and then “tone” down my face again. Before applying makeup, I moisturize with an oil free moisturizer to ensure I don’t start “melting” later. I need all the help I can get when it comes to this Mississippi heat and humidity. Forget the dab sheets for oily faces… I NEED THE WHOLE BOUNTY ROLL during these scorching months.

EXTRA Tip For Those With Dry Skin:

First and foremost, MOISTURIZER! Get you a good moisturizer. Wash daily with a gentle cleanser and warm water, rinse, and then slap that moisturizer on. Some even to go so far as to use a sunscreen (which you should do with any skin type to protect yourself from sun damage) because most sunscreens have an oil base that keeps your skin glowing.

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Another tip for dry skin, and this is for anywhere on the body, is to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is essential for many reasons, but can be a big help for those who have dry skin because it helps to maintain a clear and hydrated face.


We’d all like to just wake up beautiful and ready to take on the day, but life likes to play tricks on us. We all want that Snapchat filter skin where the skin is flawless and glowing, and it’s going to take some commitment. Instead of only having to tap a button, you have to pop a top (off that cleanser/toner/moisturizer bottle). It takes effort to and patience. You’ve got this! Yes, I’m talking to myself. I, too, fall short of having to wake up too early for face washing or too tired to scrub at night and I always regret it the next day when I wake up to a Grand Canyon sized zit on my forehead and mascara down to my chin.

Be adventurous and explore your options. Test different options and products until you find your Cinderella slipper. Once you’ve found it, let me know what works best for you or what other little tips/tricks you use in your daily routine. I’d love to hear what your experience is!

See you on the flip side! (Meaning my next post) 😉


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