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In order to make the right choice when purchasing cleansers, moisturizers, foundation, etc., you first have to know what type of skin you are working with. Knowing your skin type plays an important role. If you have oily skin and you intend to wear an oily foundation….things are going to be bad..very bad. So first things first! Let’s determine your skin type.

There are 4 different skin types

The best way to test your face to see what skin type you have, wash it and leave it bare. Wash with a mild cleanser and pat dry. Wait about an hour and then take a look in the mirror. If you notice a shine on the forehead, nose, and chin, you more than likely have oily or combination skin. If after that hour, your skin feels parched or tight, you have dry skin.

You could also test with blotting papers. After an hour or two of washing your face, use blotting papers and then hold up to examine. If you see little to no oil, you either have dry, normal, or a small touch of combination. If the papers are saturated, you have oily skin.

I usually wash my face at night with an astringent and leave it bare, meaning I don’t use a moisturizer. By that next morning, my skin is extremely oily, especially in this Mississippi heat. In the colder months, I can skip the astringent to every other night or just a few times a week so my skin doesn’t get too dry.

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Normal skin is like the golden egg. It’s the type of skin we all wish to have and what we strive hard to get. If you have a normal skin type…I envy you and I must know your secret weapons.

Signs of Normal Skin:

-Skin will be not too dry and not too oily

-Skin will look vibrant and healthy, well hydrated

-Velvet to touch, smoothe

-Pores are small, will appear non-existent


I usually get dry skin during the winter. If I don’t moisturize properly, I run into having cakey makeup or my nose will scale and flake like it has seen the sun a little too much. Think of someone in the desert with chapped lips, red cheeks, and a peeling nose…yea, that’s me in the winter. Moisturizing will be your best ally when having dry skin.

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Signs of Dry Skin:

-Skin feels tight

-Patches of redness/rash/flaking or whole face will resemble rosacea without that actually being the cause

-Skin may also feel itchy/chapped


In the South, humidity likes to be funny. Nothing makes for a bad day than to have an already natural oily face plus 100+ degree weather with humidity in the 90% range. Not enough blotting papers and setting powders in the world to help that situation. Combining the right cleanser to rid oil and the right moisturizer to add some oil, not a lot, back in seems to keep the melting to a minimum.

Signs of Oil Skin:

-Enlarged, very noticeable pores

-Glossy shine in T-zone and cheeks

-Acne (blackheads & whiteheads)


This is where most people fall in and this is the area that has everyone confused as far as what cleansers and other products to use. It’s like a double edged sword. Combination skin can vary, no two people have the same exact issues, but most of the time, whether it’s severe or minor, combination skin consists of an oily T-zone and normal-dry cheeks/jawline. With that being said, most are left wondering what should they do. Should they use a cleanser that rids of oils but run the risk of drying out the cheeks? Or should they use a cleanser/moisturizer that’s good for dry skin but run the risk of having a major breakout in the areas that are more oily? The struggle is real…

Signs of Combination Skin:

-Oily T-zone (forehead, nose, chin)

-Normal to dry cheeks/jawline

-Enlarged pores in T-zone

-Glossy T-zone, velvet cheeks/jawline

Experiment and Explore

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Now that I’ve broken down each skin type, you kind of have a clue as to what category you fall into. Although, I’m pretty sure you have 100 more questions. Each day is a new discovery and just remember that your skin is important. Be careful and tread lightly on harsh/heavy, deep cleaning cleansers. Stay at arm’s length when it comes to heavy, thick moisturizers as well. Read the labels, find which one works best for you, and run with it!

Finding the right product for your skin type can be challenging. I think I would have had a better chance of teaching a monkey to speak English, but once you know exactly what your skin likes and needs, it’ll thank you later.

Go conquer the world and let me know what skin type you have and what works best for you! I’m always searching for that topnotch, #1 golden jar of a moisturizer for my mostly oily, sometimes combination, skin type 😉

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at jbroyles2022@gmail.com

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