Lashes Galore!

Photo by Sara Pavic from StockSnap

First, let’s talk about the types

Fake eyelashes have been around for a very long time and they make any eye look pop with a dramatic flare, especially some more than others.

You have “mink” and “synthetic” lashes. Mink lashes are (not for the faint of heart) made of animal fur. Synthetic are made up of little plastic fibers to mold into that cute little curl. Mink lashes last longer and can be easily washed and reused several times because they are made up of real hair, but the curl doesn’t last nearly as long. Real hair tends to lose a curl after several hours so lashes would fall into the same category. There are no exceptions to the rule when it comes to curling of the hair, unfortunately. If there was a life hack, I would be sitting here, typing this with beautiful bouncy curls.. Not happening.

From personal experience, I can get about 10 wears or more with mink lashes and about 5 wears with synthetic lashes, if I care for them correctly. I don’t always have time for that.. Mink lashes are also more fluffy and light weight. Now for the soft-hearted, animal lovers like myself, they do have “faux” mink lashes which are synthetic in nature, being that they’re made up of plastic fibers, but they’re designed and put together in a more natural mink-y way. We gotta keep our fur-babies safe and hairy!

Now that you know the difference, time to figure out which would be easier for you to handle:

I’ve been playing and practicing with lashes for about the past 2-3 years. I wouldn’t say I’m a pro, but I do wear them daily. I’ve been known to put on lashes just to go sit on the couch. No one will see me, but my reflection is on POINT in the mirror and in the microwave window! “Oh, hello gorgeous!” what I tell myself as I’m getting pizza rolls out of the microwave..same messy bun and pajama pants as the day before. Don’t judge me.. Now with that being said, the only “pro” status I have is when it comes to the strip (full) lashes. I either fail or I haven’t tried them. The list is below:


Individual lashes are for those who have sparse lashes and need a boost. You place them in areas that need a “pick-me-up” or just on the outer lash area for that added spunk. You can add however many you want, whether it’s for a subtle look or a dancing show floor stunner. You decide the thickness and fullness.

These I have tried and failed miserably. The object is to take the lash and dip into the adhesive and once tacky, placed on top of your natural lashes to fill holes or what have you. Now, I’ve tried this several times and I’m not sure if I just wasn’t dipping for enough glue or if I didn’t wait long enough before trying to place them. Either way, they wouldn’t adhere. I plan to keep trying to see if I can get the hang of it.


Clusters are less than a strip but more than individuals. They’re usually just for the outter lashes, but get creative! Those who don’t like a full strip of lashes, but don’t have the time for individual lashes, usually grab clusters for quick application.

I have not tried these yet. I cannot master individual lashes so I figured I needed to crawl before I could walk. Why I can master a full strip but can’t figure out one teeny tiny lash, beats me..

Strips (Full)

Strip lashes are those that are big enough to go from inner to outter corners of the eye. This is where my “pro” status comes in to play. They have thick black bands and there are the invisible bands. I’m part of the invisible band group because I only wear thick banded lashes when I wear eyeliner and let’s face it….I don’t wear eyeliner. I absolutely despise putting on and attempting any eyeliner look. The outcome in my head is always 100% better than the actual end result. Full lashes save me loads of time and I have sparse natural lashes so an all-over application works in my favor.

Strip lashes come in MANY different styles. You can go big or subtle, glam or natural. From “I don’t wear makeup” to looking like the definition of The Black Eyed Peas’ hit song “Boom Boom Pow”. Whatever you’re feeling that day, they have a style to match.


Those of you who have mastered these, please contact me asap.. I’ve tried two different brands so far and I just cannot get the hang of it. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to thicker bands and magnetic lashes only come thick? I’ve tried those in the drugstore aisle and I’ve bought some online that were pretty pricey. Both were a major disaster.

Regular lashes are applied using a glue. Magnetic lashes are applied using a magnetic eyeliner. So first off, that tells you where I first went wrong….eyeliner. You have to apply several coats of the eyeliner and dry each layer in between in order to get the lashes to magnetize correctly. Not a big deal right? For a person who doesn’t deal with eyeliner, that’s a big wrong. The first coat, fine. Second, it’s getting a little out of where I need it but totally fixable. Third, looking a little crazy. Fourth, what have I done?! Total disaster would be putting it lightly. There’s no cheat sheet for these that I have found so I’m still pending my opinion. The idea is freaking fantastic, but the application is a nightmare. I’m still learning and practicing. We’ll come back to it in a few years…I have to enhance my pro status before moving on to another challenge.


Every girl wants to experience this. The idea of being able to wake up effortless beautiful..what a dream. The only down fall? Pretty pricey!

Extensions are usually professionally done but you can buy at-home kits to do it yourself or have a friend add the extensions for you. I am not that trusting. Professional or not, I will not allow someone to get that close to my eye with glue. No repairing that friendship bridge when you’re blinded! But the idea is pretty amazing to think about. The time saved and patience kept.. but one quick web search of extension horror stories always puts me back in reality. I’m too afraid so I live vicariously through others who have been brave and look absolutely gorgeous with their fluffy lashes.

Flashy Lashes

Photo by George Sistonen from Pexels

There are the natural lashes, there are the bold lashes, and then there are the FLASHY, GLAMOROUS, MOVIE STAR, RED CARPET, MUSIC VIDEO, “I want to be a peacock”, lashes. The ones with rhinestones, glitter, and rainbow colors. I see them on the rack and want to snatch every color knowing I’ll never find anything in my closet to wear them with.

Any type of lashes you prefer, individual, clusters, or strips, come in a variety of colors. You can add a full strip of colorful bling lashes or you can just add a few individuals/clusters for that pop of spunkiness.

Whatever your eyes desire, there’s a pair of lashes for you just waiting to be smothered in glue and placed! Go get ’em tiger!

Leave a comment below and let me know what lash types you love and which ones you despise!

See you soon! 🙂

Jessica, Founder of Southern Lashes

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